“Periodic” update 16th – 20th April

Hello again!

So what have I been up to lately?

Working with a client to develop a machine learning model to predict outcomes, using that handy standby linear regression. Alteryx makes setting up the test and validation samples really easy, as well as putting in formulas for the error calculations (RMSD, MAD), so re-running and tuning the model is quite easy to do.

Working with another client on a completely unrelated machine learning problem using Naive Bayes (plus a load of conventional stats such as Pearson’s R and Chi Squared.)

Travelling to client sites in London and Exeter. Had a nice visit to ICON College of Technology & Management in London; they did a great curry for lunch!

Teaching on the Foundation Degree in Creative Technologies course. One of my students is working on a project that combines Tinder and Pinterest. In true Peter Kay style she’s called it T’indterest.

Working on the “Intelligent Campus” project with Jisc. Think IoT meets BI and LA. I’ve been developing an ontology to try to define the requirements space for this. Challenging stuff.

Working on some new analytics products with HESA and Jisc. We’re focussing efforts on a few specific areas of BI to produce new product suites. So far I’ve been defining approaches to generating metrics from existing data sources.

Delivering an online course for the Apereo Foundation on leadership and conflict resolution in Open Source Software projects.

Organising a course on licensing for Oxentia.

Playing Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox.

Karaoke. No, really.

Reading pretty much everything by David Wong. Now onto Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits.

Gardening. Potting on tomatoes, giving up on the chilli plants I tried to save from last season, and planting lots of lettuces.

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