My name is Scott Wilson. I do stuff with data mostly.

I’m a partner in Cetis LLP, a tech co-op, and also do some teaching.

2 Responses to About

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  2. Luisa Miguel says:

    Hi Scott Wilson,

    I would like to reenforce here, how much plesant was to see you on live on PLE 2011 Conference. I take the change to congratulate again, for the organization of the open conference session with the Fish Ball event that was really fantastic. You found a very original way to put the public communicating and interacting inside an informal and surprising way.
    I just can’t never forgive myself for not carried on, my laptop to the conference. That impossibilitate me to went to your workshop and I would had loved to participate and learned with you in how to “creating any Device apps”.
    I’ll keep following your blog with the same attention than before and just hope to have the great opportunity to see you again, in another conference and to be able to do – finally, a workshop with you.

    Best cumpliments,

    Luísa Miguel

    PS. Sorry for my English.

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