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Unhosted – building web apps without servers

For some reason I never came across this before, but it seems there is something of a movement (complete with manifesto) promoting client-side-only web apps. According to the Unhosted site: By “unhosted web apps” we mean browser-based apps with no server-side backend. Unlike … Continue reading

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SPAWS: Lessons Learned So Far

The funded part of SPAWS is coming to a close, so its time for me to write about some of the things I’ve learned so far from working on this project. Is the LearningRegistry Node infrastructure suitable for sharing paradata … Continue reading

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SPAWS: Sharing a comment between stores

I’ve finally gotten around to creating a quick demo of one of the use cases I wrote for SPAWS – sharing a comment. Its pretty simple really, although I didn’t want to use a “real” store for this one; so … Continue reading

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Wookie adds support for signed widgets – thanks to Google Summer of Code

This year for the first time we had a Google Summer of Code project in Apache Wookie – Pushpalanka Jayawardhana took on the challenge of implementing the W3C XML Digital Signatures for Widgets specification, which describes how to sign and verify … Continue reading

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Realtime Web Competition Hots Up

Whether its live streaming of status updates, chatting live with friends, or playing games, there has been a significant trend for adding more real-time capabilities to the web, something that has been noticeable since the introduction of instant messaging and … Continue reading

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