“Occasional” Update 21st-28th May

The sun is shining, my hayfever is playing up, and there is much data to be wrangled.

Working with my REF2021 analytics team. We had a great startup meeting at Brunel, coming away with some user stories, data sources, and a plan of action.

Developing the new Jisc-HESA analytics product for HR in HEPs. I’ve built a beta dashboard for workforce demographics and equality with Tableau and Alteryx, and ordered more HESA data for building the performance metrics dashboard.

Kicking off our new journal registry project. I’ll be mostly focussing on data modelling in PostgreSQL for the next couple of weeks while colleagues do more fun things with Python.

Working on the Intelligent Campus project, which blends the Internet of Things with Learning Analytics. I’ve been analysing use cases to build a set of data measure definitions, identify algorithms of interest, and figure out privacy implications.

Working on GDPR-related actions for our company. Mostly this involved closing old mailing lists and deleting old files.

Teaching on the Foundation Degree in Creative Technologies course. I came up with what I hope is a fair rubric for assessing diverse student projects; they’re all in now, so I have to get on with marking!

Playing Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox.

Watching the third season of Fargo on Netflix.

Reading Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Gardening. Cooked the first home-grown chilli of the year, and it was a hot one! Currently dealing with an aphid infestation in the greenhouse. Also discovered the self-seeded plants I thought were Borage based on the early foliage are in fact Foxgloves. I’ll have to actually plant Borage this year! Good job I like looking at Foxgloves, I’ve got about 6 of them.

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