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Bashing Widgets in Bolton

I had a great time this week at the CETIS Widget Bash organised by Sheila and Li. You can read lots more about it on Sheila’s blog. The wookie-dev mailing list went fairly ballistic during the event with tracker reports, … Continue reading

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Adventures in progressive enhancement (pt 2)

I’ve had some more time to play with progressive enhancement (see my earlier post) and I’ve learned a little more about the kind of techniques needed. One of the interesting statements that Bryan made in his slides is “the absence … Continue reading

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Adventures in progressive enhancement

Like many people I was very impressed last year with Bryan Rieger’s slide deck Rethinking the mobile web in which he set out the case for designing websites with mobile users as the first concern, and then progressively layering enhancements … Continue reading

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Inter-widget communication

One of the common feature requests and extensions developed for Apache Wookie is the facility to let widgets talk to one another, something that tends to be called inter-widget communication (IWC). I’m now involved with two EU projects (ITEC and … Continue reading

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Here comes Thunderbolt – where’s wireless USB?

If you take a look at the Apple website – and can take your eyes off the iPad 2 – ¬†you’ll see that the current MacBook Pro seems to have gained another port. Well, not so much gained one as … Continue reading

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Do you understand i18n?

If you didn’t already know, “i18n” is the shorthand developers use for “internationalization”, which is the ability of applications to operate using things like international character sets and languages. Many developers assume – sometimes rightly, but more often wrongly – … Continue reading

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JavaScript: Dynamic binding and lazy loading

For a project I’m working on at the moment I have a requirement to be able to transparently switch between implementations of APIs that my W3C Widgets use based on the user’s context. For example, if the Widget wants to … Continue reading

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