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5 lessons for OER from Open Source and Free Software

While the OER community owes some of its genesis to the open source and free software movements, there are some aspects of how and why these movements work that I think are missing or need greater emphasis. 1. Its not … Continue reading

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Open Source Meets Open Standards

I’ve just published a post over on the OSS Watch team blog on open source and open standards, introducing a new OSS Watch briefing paper on the topic. This is where my CETIS and OSS Watch roles cross over! The … Continue reading

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HEAR and Recruitment: Using rich achievement data in recruitment processes

Last week I met with representatives from a range of companies and organisations involved in graduate recruitment to discuss potential value from the UK HEAR initiative in a meeting organised by CRA and Critical Thinking. The Higher Education Achievement Report … Continue reading

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Are procurement frameworks useful in selecting IT solutions?

There is an article in the Guardian today about procurement, and in particular how universities are handling litigation risks by using procurement frameworks and agreements, and moving procurement decisions more centrally. To be fair, the article is more concerned I … Continue reading

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Embracing the illegible

(Rambling time…. normal service will resume shortly) A couple of years back, Venkat wrote about James Scott’s concept of illegibility: James C. Scott’s fascinating and seminal book, Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed, examines … Continue reading

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Open Education: The Fifth Network

I’ve been reading some of the posts from Amber, David and Lawrie as part of open education week. One thing that strikes me about it all is the similarity to Ivan Illich’s idea of learning webs, which is based on … Continue reading

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Edukapp – a white-label open-source web app store

Recently I’ve been working with Lucas and Fridolin at the Open University who are leading on a project called EDUKAPP, which is a pilot for a web app store for the UK Higher Education sector. The idea is to provide … Continue reading

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XCRI: End of the beginning

There was a theme developing at the XCRI Assembly in June. An extended period of beta testing and specification development is now drawing to an end: what comes next is adoption, use, and adaptation. Part of this is HEFCE’s investment … Continue reading

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Bashing Widgets in Bolton

I had a great time this week at the CETIS Widget Bash organised by Sheila and Li. You can read lots more about it on Sheila’s blog. The wookie-dev mailing list went fairly ballistic during the event with tracker reports, … Continue reading

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