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Sharing usage data about web apps between stores

The 140 Character Question: Can different web app stores share usage data such as reviews, ratings, and stats on how often an app has been downloaded or embedded? Thats the question that we investigated in the SPAWS project. And the … Continue reading

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SPAWS: Project Plan

(I’m still wrapping up the JISC part of SPAWS…normal blog service will resume shortly) Here’s the original project proposal I submitted, including the project plan: SPAWS_proposal

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SPAWS: Impact

The SPAWS project – or rather, the funded part – is coming to an end so its time to wrap up the project details. In terms of impact, what have we achieved? 1. We answered the question we set: “is … Continue reading

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SPAWS: What have we made?

The SPAWS project has produced: A SPAWS Java Library for sharing paradata, building on LRJavaLib Some documentation on how to use it Contributed code back to LRJavaLib A set of Paradata Recipes for paradata relevant to the usecase A load … Continue reading

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