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Tracking student blogs using Google Spreadsheets and WordPress

I’m currently teaching a first year module on Open Source Software, one of the requirements for which is students write their findings up as blog posts. For that reason I thought it might be useful to be able to keep … Continue reading

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Unhosted – building web apps without servers

For some reason I never came across this before, but it seems there is something of a movement (complete with manifesto) promoting client-side-only web apps. According to the Unhosted site: By “unhosted web apps” we mean browser-based apps with no server-side backend. Unlike … Continue reading

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Rave, OpenSocial, and Edukapp in Utrecht

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Apache Rave Hackleton at SURFNet in Utrecht. This was also an opportunity to talk about the latest developments in OpenSocial, and also about open web app stores and Edukapp. As part of … Continue reading

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Design challenges for user-interface mashups: user control and usability in inter-widget communications

I originally wrote this as a paper submission for WSKS 2011 as part of my work on the OMELETTE project, but decided to withdraw it – however I think it might be interesting given there is a lot of discussion … Continue reading

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