Weekly update 23rd -27th April

Hello again! What was I doing last week?

Working on some data dashboards in Tableau for Alternate Providers in HE. In particular I worked on a dashboard to allow providers to see who they are most similar to for a particular subject area – whether thats other APs or HEIs. Initially I used the KD-Tree algorithm in the Find Nearest Neighbours R package for Alteryx, but found that in practice I got just as good results in a more user-configurable fashion just by computing z-scores for each feature and ranking  the providers by the root of the mean squared deviation. The AP team is producing some really interesting visualisations, with a lot of data stories and insights, so its a great team to work with.

Releasing the latest version of HtmlCleaner, v2.22. Its taken me longer to get around to this then I would have wanted, and I’ve made it a personal vow to get at least one release per quarter!

Working with a client on a machine learning model to predict outcomes using  linear regression in Alteryx.

Teaching on the Foundation Degree in Creative Technologies course. I helped one student deliver their web app to Android using PhoneGap Build, which included helping them fix their config.xml file – which uses the Widgets specification I used to work on, both in W3C and Apache!

Working on new analytics products with HESA and Jisc. We’re focussing efforts on a few specific areas of BI to produce new product suites. Last week I sorted out some of the data workflows and revised some existing visualisations, and we had a team meeting to sort out priorities and update the Trello board.

Playing Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox.

Watching that new Marvel film at the cinema, and Upstart Crow on Netflix.

Reading Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong.

Gardening. Though mostly this involved replacing some rotten decking and screening, so more DIY than gardening.

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