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SPAWS Use Case: “Paradata for Widgets should be shared across Widget Stores”

JISC asked for use cases before funding the recent round of rapid innovation projects – here’s the one I created for “Sharing Paradata Across Widget Stores”: Context and Rationale: A Widget Store is a site that allows users to search … Continue reading

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SPAWS: Paradata Recipes

One of the outcomes of our recent Advisory Group Meeting was that I needed to do some work on the paradata “recipes” we want for SPAWS. These recipes are the ways we create the JSON activity stream data for particular … Continue reading

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HEAR and Recruitment: Using rich achievement data in recruitment processes

Last week I met with representatives from a range of companies and organisations involved in graduate recruitment to discuss potential value from the UK HEAR initiative in a meeting organised by CRA and Critical Thinking. The Higher Education Achievement Report … Continue reading

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Delivering web to mobile

Last week I gave a quick overview of the new TechWatch report from the JISC Observatory entitled Delivering Web to Mobile for a JISC webinar. As described in the introduction: This report is intended to help staff of UK education institutions, involved in … Continue reading

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For a while now I’ve been working on the standardisation of XCRI-CAP, an XML specification for exchanging data about courses used in things like the HEAR and the JISC Course Data programme. As part of that process I’ve also been … Continue reading

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