“Occasional” update 1st -18th May

Its been another busy month here at Cetis LLP

Working with both of my Analytics Labs teams. Its been a hectic few weeks of polishing up Tableau dashboards, fixing up Alteryx workflows, and tuning machine learning models. However, last Wednesday was the final test as both teams presented to their peers and to the expert panel from HESA, Jisc and the board. I’m really proud of the work both teams put in – our Alternative Providers group and the Course Marketing group. We had great panel feedback and very positive popular vote results. As those two teams have completed their work, I now have two more to work with – so onto REF2021 and KEF!

Developing the new Jisc-HESA analytics product for HR in HEPs. I’ve built a beta dashboard for sickness absence using UCEA data with Tableau and Alteryx, and ordered more HESA data for building the performance metrics dashboard.

Working with a client on a new project to build an internal data registry.

Working on the Intelligent Campus project, which blends the Internet of Things with Learning Analytics!

Teaching on the Foundation Degree in Creative Technologies course. Its final project hand-in this week! Coming up with a fair marking rubric for projects that include students making game concept art, designing apps, testing airline websites, building robots, and researching palm oil extraction has been quite challenging.

Attending our annual Cetis LLP partners meeting up at Halton Mill.

Playing Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox.

Watching the end of Altered Carbon and seeing that Marvel Infinity thing at the cinema; plus of course, Eurovision!

Gardening. I think I may end up with too many gherkins and green beans this year. However, you can never have too many chillies.

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