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W3C Standards for Web Applications on Mobile

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux has put together a really nice overview of the various W3C specifications that relate to all aspects of mobile web applications – from presentation and media handling to device APIs and app packaging. There are specs here I’d never … Continue reading

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Converting Chrome Installed Web Apps into W3C Widgets

I was intrigued to find out what sort of formats the Chrome Web Store was using for its “installed web applications”, and discovered somewhat to my surprise it uses yet another packaging and manifest format! This is in addition to … Continue reading

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WAC adopting W3C Widgets Interface spec

Well, its a fast moving world! Since my last post, WAC has announced it will soon be releasing version 2.0 of its specification stack. One nice little detail in this can be found in the WAC wiki, which is that … Continue reading

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Web Apps: a snapshot of the standards landscape

The big success story of the past few years in software was the “app” model based around native mobile apps and app stores. However last year saw a surge of interest in using web standards rather than proprietary interfaces, Objective … Continue reading

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I’ve moved!

I’ve finally given in trying to maintain my own custom Python-based Blog server I wrote back at the beginning of the noughties and have moved to WordPress. You can still find my old posts in my archive.

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