WAC adopting W3C Widgets Interface spec

Well, its a fast moving world! Since my last post, WAC has announced it will soon be releasing version 2.0 of its specification stack. One nice little detail in this can be found in the WAC wiki, which is that v 2.0 is dropping the JIL Widget specification in favour of the W3C Widgets Interface specification.

This is quite a minor change in that all this spec does is standardise the basic JavaScript API for accessing Widget metadata (things like title, author information) and for getting and setting user preferences.

However, this is handy as it means it will be much easier to get interoperability for basic widgets. I’ve just added a beta Widget export feature to Apache Wookie (incubating) and being able to use this directly with the WAC runtime for Android from Opera will be fantastic.

Well, I’d better update my mobile webapps wall of bricks:

comparison of web app specifications, showing W3C Widgets spanning W3C, WAC and Opera

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