Weekly-ish (oh who am I kidding?) update 2nd-6th April

OK, its been a hectic month. Not that I’m complaining, I like hectic.

This week I’ve been:

Working with Alternate Providers on some BI dashboards. We now have a great dataset covering both APs and universities so we can make some interesting comparisons. For example, 70% of APs have less than 1000 HE students, and most fall into the “long tail” of HE providers by size. However, in particular subject areas APs are actually the largest providers of degree courses – in music for example, and human resource management. This is because over 50% of APs are single-subject-area specialists, as opposed to just 8% of HEIs. Anyway, lots of work on this with my team using Alteryx and Tableau.

Working on some new analytics products with HESA and Jisc. We’re focussing efforts on a few specific areas of BI to produce new product suites. Unlike the work we’ve done previously of taking community-developed PoCs through to Beta, this is  more ground-up design work.

Working on the “Intelligent Campus” project with Jisc. Cetis is developing the technical requirements that sit behind some very ambitious use cases that Jisc are discussing with their clients. The basic concept is to take campus sensors of various kinds and augment them with data insights. Think IoT meets BI and LA. Some huge privacy issues here we’re having to highlight!

Delivering final requirements specifications for a client for their internal data management project.

Planning some bids with Cetis colleagues for government R&D funding for some innovative new products.

Delivering an online course for the Apereo Foundation on governance, communications and community building in Open Source Software projects.

Learning to use Flask with Python for an upcoming client project.

Playing Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox.

Reading pretty much everything by David Wong. I’ve finished John Dies At The End, This Book Is Full Of Spiders, and What The Hell Did I Just Read?

Watching series 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events and Altered Carbon.

Planting potatoes, shallots, rocket, Cheyenne chillies, tomatoes and Kale, as well as tidying up raspberry canes and the like.

Listening to Kyuss, Moby, and the Dandy Warhols. My musical taste makes no sense.


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