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SPAWS in a nutshell

The 140 Character Question: Can different web app stores share usage data such as reviews, ratings, and stats on how often an app has been downloaded or embedded? Thats the question being investigated by the SPAWS project. To answer it we … Continue reading

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SPAWS: Initial code, hands-on with the Learning Registry

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m using the Learning Registry infrastructure as middleware for sharing usage data about widgets across widget stores (the SPAWS project). This week I’ve focussed on the basic technical infrastructure needed for the … Continue reading

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Sharing reviews and ratings between educational web app stores

I’m just starting work on a new project to share “paradata” – things like reviews, ratings, comments and download/embed stats – between several new educational app stores being developed. The idea is to use an infrastructure developed in the US … Continue reading

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Design challenges for user-interface mashups: user control and usability in inter-widget communications

I originally wrote this as a paper submission for WSKS 2011 as part of my work on the OMELETTE project, but decided to withdraw it – however I think it might be interesting given there is a lot of discussion … Continue reading

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Edukapp – a white-label open-source web app store

Recently I’ve been working with Lucas and Fridolin at the Open University who are leading on a project called EDUKAPP, which is a pilot for a web app store for the UK Higher Education sector. The idea is to provide … Continue reading

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Enyo: a component-oriented JS framework

Enyo first made an appearance on the HP TouchPad and was the framework used for WebOS applications.  However, after HP killed the TouchPad and put WebOS development on hold, HP has spun off Enyo into a standalone open-source JS app … Continue reading

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Creating “Write That Thesis!” at the ROLE developer camp

Last week I attended the ROLE Developer Camp in Leuven, Belgium in my role as a “developer advocate” for the project. ROLE has been developing lots of interesting technologies around flexible personal learning environments, and this event was partly to … Continue reading

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Oblique Strategies

I’ve always been a big fan of the Oblique Strategies, a card deck created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. Each card has an aphorism that provokes an alternative approach to your current work – whether a piece of music, … Continue reading

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The Future of Offline Web Applications

W3C has received 27 position papers for a workshop on November 5th on the Future of Offline Web Applications, which are all worth a read if you’re interested in Widgets, AppCache, and Web Apps in general. They are all quite … Continue reading

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PhoneGap and Widgets

Its been a busy month for PhoneGap, what with being acquired by Adobe and submitting their code to the Apache Incubator. For those who don’t know already, PhoneGap provides a way for developers of mobile web applications to convert their … Continue reading

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