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Mozilla Web API: Friend or foe?

Mozilla recently announced a new WebAPI for enabling mobile web applications to talk to device features. If that sounds familiar, then it should, as W3C and WAC have been developing similar APIs for a few years now. The scope of … Continue reading

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IPTV: “customers are confused, regulation is a mess, and technical standards confusing”

A few weeks ago I attended the Westminster eForum on “IPTV connected televisions and future set-top box: addressing the technical challenges“, mainly because its an area of interest for a project I work on (Omelette) but also as it touches … Continue reading

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XCRI: End of the beginning

There was a theme developing at the XCRI Assembly in June. An extended period of beta testing and specification development is now drawing to an end: what comes next is adoption, use, and adaptation. Part of this is HEFCE’s investment … Continue reading

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HTML5 is far more than just a drop-in replacement for embedding

At the A11y Hackdays event in Birmingham this week Bruce Lawson of Opera gave a talk about HTML 5’s video and audio capabilities, and explained something that I hadn’t really grasped about them. The main topic of discussion has typically … Continue reading

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Widgets and Mashups for Personal and Institutional Technologies

Yesterday I gave a lecture at KMI at the Open University on “widgets and mashups for personal and institutional technologies”. There was a broadcast of this, and in a short while this will be viewable from the KMI Podium website. … Continue reading

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W3C Widgets with Opera 11

I finally got around to updating to Opera 11 recently, which now supports W3C Widgets in the form of a Widget Installer application that comes with it. The installer lets you install a W3C Widget as a new application, which … Continue reading

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Here comes Thunderbolt – where’s wireless USB?

If you take a look at the Apple website – and can take your eyes off the iPad 2 –  you’ll see that the current MacBook Pro seems to have gained another port. Well, not so much gained one as … Continue reading

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Do you understand i18n?

If you didn’t already know, “i18n” is the shorthand developers use for “internationalization”, which is the ability of applications to operate using things like international character sets and languages. Many developers assume – sometimes rightly, but more often wrongly – … Continue reading

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W3C Standards for Web Applications on Mobile

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux has put together a really nice overview of the various W3C specifications that relate to all aspects of mobile web applications – from presentation and media handling to device APIs and app packaging. There are specs here I’d never … Continue reading

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Converting Chrome Installed Web Apps into W3C Widgets

I was intrigued to find out what sort of formats the Chrome Web Store was using for its “installed web applications”, and discovered somewhat to my surprise it uses yet another packaging and manifest format! This is in addition to … Continue reading

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