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Weekly Update Apr 24-28

I’m going to try to blog some weekly updates, inspired by Doug. Lets see how it goes, eh? This week I’ve been: Working with a team of HEI data analysts looking into Taught Postgraduate courses as part of Analytics Labs, a … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy!

OK, I admit it, I’ve been ignoring this blog for way too long! But that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening – quite the opposite. About a year ago I became one of the founding partners of Cetis LLP, and since … Continue reading

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How are things going with HtmlCleaner?

HtmlCleaner is the FOSS project I’ve been maintaining since 2013. So, how is it going so far? Downloads and users I can get download stats from Sourceforge, which hosts the binaries, but perhaps a better perspective is the number of times the project … Continue reading

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Creating a simple SQL query editor

I recently needed to add a simple visual interface for building SQL queries based on existing schema models – you know the sort of thing, a bit like the UI you get in Access, but running in the browser. I really, … Continue reading

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Going old skool with SQL: from Access to PostgreSQL

Well, after several years where I mostly worked on Redis, MongoDB and client-side browser storage, I’m currently working on a project that is most definitely old-skool SQL. So I spent much of today writing code to handle importing Access databases into PostgreSQL … Continue reading

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HtmlCleaner 2.10 released

Get it here!

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Tracking student blogs using Google Spreadsheets and WordPress

I’m currently teaching a first year module on Open Source Software, one of the requirements for which is students write their findings up as blog posts. For that reason I thought it might be useful to be able to keep … Continue reading

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HtmlCleaner 2.9

I’ve finally released version 2.9 of HtmlCleaner! This month I also had to answer my first ever official support request for HtmlCleaner in my “day job” – it appears a researcher at the University of Oxford is using it as … Continue reading

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Looking at Kwan and West’s Open Source Adoption Model

In my last post I looked at the first part of Kwan and West’s paper, which concerns the phases of technology adoption. Now I’m turning to the second part, which concerns the adoption model. Kwan and West propose the following … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as “strategic IT” in Higher Education?

In their 2005 paper, A conceptual model for enterprise adoption of open source software [1], Kwan and West use as a starting point the “Strategic Grid” developed originally by McFarlan, McKenney and Pyburn (1983) [2] which divides firms or divisions … Continue reading

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