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Well this whole Prism business has been quite interesting from a personal perspective, especially this “metadata” business. A long time ago, though not actually that far away from where I am now, I worked as a junior technical writer at … Continue reading

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Phishing for peer reviewers

Today I got an email from the ICL 2013 conference: Dear Scott Wilson, This is a short reminder for you to complete your reviews for the ICL/IGIP 2013 Conference. Overall 2 submissions were recently assigned to you for reviewing, 2 are … Continue reading

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HtmlCleaner 2.5 is out!

Yesterday we released HtmlCleaner 2.5, which fixes up a few bugs, and also has a rewritten DOCTYPE handler based on the latest guidance issued with HTML5.  

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Open Source Meets Open Standards

I’ve just published a post over on the OSS Watch team blog on open source and open standards, introducing a new OSS Watch briefing paper on the topic. This is where my CETIS and OSS Watch roles cross over! The … Continue reading

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Understanding Glass: An SF perspective

When the IPhone (and later the IPad) arrived the first things people started comparing it to were things like the movie Minority Report for its interface, and also to the technologies used in Star Trek, with its many glossy black … Continue reading

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Open Source Junction 4: Open Source Hardware meets Open Source Software

(reblogged from the OSS Watch blog) OSS Watch is delighted to announce a new event in the Open Source Junction series aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange between industry and academic innovation. Open Source Junction brings together the best business and … Continue reading

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How to engage students in real open source projects

I gave a talk at FOSSA 2012 earlier this week sharing some experiences with teaching students using open source projects in a module at the University of Bolton. Basically, there are 5 tips: Start with soft skills, not code Let … Continue reading

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Sharing usage data about web apps between stores

The 140 Character Question: Can different web app stores share usage data such as reviews, ratings, and stats on how often an app has been downloaded or embedded? Thats the question that we investigated in the SPAWS project. And the … Continue reading

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SPAWS: Project Plan

(I’m still wrapping up the JISC part of SPAWS…normal blog service will resume shortly) Here’s the original project proposal I submitted, including the project plan: SPAWS_proposal

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SPAWS: Impact

The SPAWS project – or rather, the funded part – is coming to an end so its time to wrap up the project details. In terms of impact, what have we achieved? 1. We answered the question we set: “is … Continue reading

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