So much for the weekblog. I haven’t updated it since before the holidays!

Oh well, lets see if we can kick this off again. This week I’ve been:

Teaching students at the University of Bolton. I’ve been working with Foundation students in Creative Technologies, getting them to develop ideas for projects they’re delivering by the end of semester. Its a lot of fun, and also very challenging.

Working on Analytics Labs. This time I’ve been working with two teams, one comprised of staff from Alternate Providers that are pretty new to analytics and HESA data, but very enthusiastic and with lots of ambitious ideas. Another team are focussed on the entry points into HE – A levels and BTECs from schools and colleges.

Developing more Tableau dashboards as part of the Jisc-HESA Special Projects Team. (Being of a particular generation the name always makes me think of Vivian’s pet hamster Special Patrol Group from the Young Ones.) This is basically taking proof of concept BI products developed in Analytics Labs and developing them to Community Beta releases. Fun!

Experimenting with the R-based predictive analytics tools in Alteryx. Lots of fun with logistic regression and SVMs. Finally one of the teams has been brave enough to give ML a whirl.

Watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. I really liked the book, and the series runs pretty close to it.

Reading Walkaway by Cory Doctorow. There are bits where the characters basically explain things like meritocracy and the politics of abundance at each other in a very narrative-breaking way, but overall its worth it.

Delivering some OSS Watch training for the lovely people at Apereothe home of Sakai and Xerte among other great projects. This week we covered governance and communities in FOSS.

Writing the requirements specification for a reference data registry for a client.

Listening to Priests, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Orbital.



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