Weekly-ish update 11th December – 15th December

The snow has been falling, there is a tree covered in multicoloured LEDs blinking in the corner of the room, as well as on my Bing start page, and the entire family has colds, so Christmas is immanent.

However, as usual there is also the acceleration of work as clients rush to get stuff done before the end of the year.

So, what have I been doing?

Working on Analytics Labs. I had a session with our team from the DfE on Monday, then a visit to the University of Sheffield to meet up with our team of HR analysts and UCEA partners. This involved jumping onto a paternoster lift to get up the Arts Tower. As one colleague pointed out, its kind of like a slow-motion thrill ride. So as usual I’ve been doing lots of Agile, Alteryx and Tableau with a wide range of data. I’ve also completed the work on the TfL API data, with a lovely interactive map showing how difficult it is to reach the campuses of various London universities from all over greater London.

Working on Data Orchestration for Jisc’s portfolio of library services, implementing some of the findings of an initial study by our friends over at Sero Consulting. We’ve just completed an analysis of Master Data Management products for implementing the solution, and are working up the consolidated As-Is and To-Be data models.

Anonymising Learning Analytics data to make more open data in this space, potentially for an open competition using it as training data for ML or for building apps and mashups. Watch this space!

Watching The Force Awakens on Netflix, in preparation for seeing the new film at some point.

Going to Dick Whittington with John Barrowman, the Krankies (!!) and loads of rude jokes that daughter #1 is now old enough to get.

Playing Skyrim. There goes my life. Using the Frostfall mod for additional survival fun.

Listening to Protomartyr, Priests, and Paramore. (Possibly other bands starting with the letter P.)

Reading Existence by David Brin.

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