Weekly-ish update 4th December – 8th December

I’m going to get the hang of this weekblog thing. Eventually. Maybe a New Year’s Resolution?

Anyway, this week I’ve been:

Presenting two workshops on Free & Open Source Software under a joint Cetis and OSS Watch banner. This is a course we developed covering licensing, other types of IP, due diligence, creative commons, and all kinds of related stuff. The first workshop was part of the PraxisAuril Software Commercialisation course for technology transfer professionals held in Loughborough. The second I did for the STFC’s Daresbury Labs with a more technical audience of scientists, engineers, and research managers. Both went very well I’m happy to say; a good indicator for me is how tricky the questions I get from delegates, and there were some nice conundrums this time around.

Working with Jisc and the DfE as part of the Analytics Labs programme. We had our face to face scrum retrospective and planning meeting on Monday, as well as a brief Scrum session. Some great Tableau dashboards already coming out of this team; also some great use of Alteryx.

Starting some new work on open learning analytics data for a client.

Working with a team of London-based analysts on journey data for students travelling to campus locations. I now finally have the geospatial data for the various campuses, I just have to grab the journey data from TfL again with my handy pile of Java code.

Watching Fargo.

Playing Civilization V. I should probably get VI, but I’ve only unlocked 60% of the achievements in V so far.

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