Weekly-ish update 13th November – 1st December

OK, I really, really am terrible at blogging weekly. Its probably only going to get worse!

Recently (-ish) I’ve been…

Working with three teams of analysts on agile business intelligence projects through Jisc’s Analytics Labs structure. I’m working with a great team at DfE looking at apprenticeships, a very ambitious group of London-based analysts looking at transport and facilities around the capital and how that relates to students, and a team of HR professionals tackling data on the ageing workforce, absence and mental health, and career progression of female staff in higher education. Lots of big challenges across the spectrum – GDPR, data blending, geospatial data, integrating API calls (I’ve written code for calling the TfL APIs and the Google Maps Distance Matrix API.) I think we’ll have some fantastic outputs from this. I’ve also been doing some scrum mastering!

Working on a data mastering/data orchestration project for a client looking to realise efficiencies and unlock potential from what have historically been separate services and business units. So I’ve been doing lots of as-is and to-be data modelling, and also using SSMM to carry out some pre-procurement discovery of solutions to handle data management in the longer term. Big issues here in GDPR (again), data governance and stewardship master data management, standardisation, and data semantics.

Planning a training course for mentors in an open source foundation.

Preparing a training course for technology transfer professionals I’m running for PraxisAuril next week.

Preparing a workshop on open source software at STFC Daresbury Laboratory next week.

Collaborating with partners in Cetis LLP on our Student Journey Transformation consultancy offering.

Planning some new work on open learning analytics data with a client.

Fixing bugs in HtmlCleaner.

Participating in the SWORDv3 protocol stakeholders group.

Travelling around the country. Next week I have Coventry, Loughborough and London!

Watching Mindhunters and Fargo.

Reading The Islanders, by Christopher Priest

Arguing with people being wrong on the internet. As if I have the time!


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