Weekly-ish update 30th October – 10th November

I’m really not great at making sure this happens every week. In my defence, I’ve been incredibly busy with client work!

So I’ve been…

Working with three teams of analysts on agile business intelligence projects. I have a team at DfE looking at apprenticeships, one with UCEA/UHR looking at HR issues in HE, and one of London universities looking at transport links around the capital and how it relates to recruitment and retention. This is all being done through Jisc’s rather fabulous Analytics Labs structure.

Attending an event at the Co-Operative College on “Making the Co-operative University“, all about shaping a “challenger institution” that could emerge from the co-op sector under the new HE legislation. Great to see so many people from different types of co-ops around HE, including lecturers setting up their own micro teaching institutes as well as student co-ops around housing and transport, plus some larger co-ops in telecoms, groceries etc; all coming together to try to create a new kind of institution. Inspiring stuff. I’ll try to blog more about this when I get my notes in order!

Travelling all over the place, but mostly London.

Participating in the new SWORDv3 protocol stakeholders group.

Working with another project where a client needs their data harmonised across multiple services.

Planning a new project with a client to create anonymised open datasets for learning analytics.

Developing some code using both the TfL Journey API and Google Directions APIs to build matrices of useful travel data.

Reading The Gradual and The Islanders by Christopher Priest.

Watching Better Call Saul.


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