(Bi-)Weekly Update June 5 – June 16

I’ve been fairly busy lately and missed a weekly update! I was also out Friday night so didn’t get chance to write then either. However, here we are again. So, what have I been up to?

Working on agile business intelligence with both of my Jisc Analytics Labs teams; I’ve been reshaping  data for analysis using Alteryx, generating synthetic data for testing, and also coaching analysts in using Alteryx and Tableau. I’ve also been coaching analysts in reshaping survey data using transposition – in general, people tend to make “short and wide” datasets, whereas machine analysis much prefers “long and narrow” datasets. This week I was in London meeting one of my teams in person (mostly we work remotely) and was really impressed with the visualisations they’ve managed to develop so far.

Analysing the new LEO dataset.

Studying Machine Learning with a Coursera course from Stanford. This past two weeks I’ve been working on artificial neural networks for machine learning, implementing the various algorithms used in training networks and generating predictions for classification problems such as image recognition.

Writing bids for new work, including one on research data management for De Montfort University plus a couple of others for the OECD and the European Space Agency.

Ich Lerne noch Deutsch mit Duolingo.

Growing things in the garden and greenhouse. We’ve had lots of strawberries, the chillies, peppers and tomatoes are just starting to form, and I’ve picked the first raspberry!

Reading “Inverted World” by Christopher Priest.

Walking at least 5k every day for the past two weeks. Mostly working from home isn’t great for the figure, so I’ve been making an effort to do a good long walk each day.

Applying patches to HtmlCleaner for some odd cases involving unrecognised namespaces.

In case you don’t know me, I’m a consultant and partner in Cetis LLP, specialising in BI/analytics, open source software, and technology discovery and pre-procurement. Always interested in new clients, so feel free to get in touch.

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