Weekly Update May 8-12

Weekly update time! So what have I been up to? Actually its been a pretty quiet week.

Working on agile business intelligence with one of my Jisc Analytics Labs teams, getting them up to speed with data reshaping in Alteryx during our face-to-face meeting in Salford, and supporting another team with Tableau. I’m off to London next week for their face-to-face meeting, so will do a fair amount of coaching then too.

Discussing a proposal for some open source work with the OECD.

Chatting with some lovely people at Microsoft about our use of the Azure platform. Azure is usually my first choice when it comes to cloud services these days.

Releasing HtmlCleaner 2.21. We had a regression that wasn’t picked up by the rather extensive test suite.

Participating in a video interview for a MOOC being developed for the University of Edinburgh – the whole course is aimed at businesses and non-profits on utilising open resources, but my bit was on the subject of open source and commercialisation. So I spent an afternoon under the lights being interviewed for a while for four weeks worth of course videos.

Watching season 2 of The Killing. Nearly done!

Growing things in the garden. Potted on my two heritage perennial kales, sowing more lettuces, eagerly watching the chillies, peppers and tomatoes grow in the greenhouse.

Preparing our rather splendid new online research data service for launch soon.

Enrolling on the Stanford machine learning MOOC.

Reading the Fables graphic novel.

Meeting (virtually) with my business partners at Cetis LLP, and welcoming some new partners into the cooperative. So much going on in the company right now, and still no time to update the website since we launched over two years ago. We’re also looking at joining up with other technology-focussed coops in the UK.

Ich Lerne noch Deutsch. 45%! Danke, Duolingo.

Visiting my eldest daughter’s school for parents evening. They think she’s awesome, but we knew that already.

In case you don’t know me, I’m a consultant and partner in Cetis LLP, specialising in BI/analytics, open source software, and technology discovery and pre-procurement. Always interested in new clients, so feel free to get in touch.

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One Response to Weekly Update May 8-12

  1. Mark Power says:

    6% Italiano. Grazie Duolingo! 🙂

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