Weekly Update May 1-5

Another week goes by … this week I’ve been

Working with my Analytics Labs teams once more. I stood in as Scrum Master for my PGT analysis team, took charge of the Trello board, and helped out with various Tableau-related queries.

Organising a video interview for next week on open source.

Tinkering with machine learning in Weka. This week I’ve been creating some classification models. I’ve started training a model using the UNISTATS dataset with the J48 decision tree algorithm to try to predict future NSS scores based on course structure.

Releasing HtmlCleaner version 2.20. I had 12,000 downloads last month from Maven Central, and 445 direct from Sourceforge.

Watching season 2 of The Killing. No spoilers, please!

Learning German. Jetzt ich kann sage “ich habe ein wichtig Ente”. Vielen danke, Duolingo.

Pondering a bid to the UfI VocTech Seed funding challenge. We have a very cool ready-to-go project on employability skills, but is it a good fit?

Developing the venerable Cetis/K-Int Content Transcoder, a service-based tool for converting various types of e-learning content formats, following a tip off from my Cetis colleague @wilm that people still need it. I’ve created a new fork with updated dependencies. Next, I’ll rewrite it to run as a desktop app as well as an online app.

Potting on various plants in the greenhouse.

Preparing our rather splendid new online research data service for launch. More on this soon…

Reading the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

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