Weekly Update Apr 24-28

I’m going to try to blog some weekly updates, inspired by Doug. Lets see how it goes, eh?

This week I’ve been:

Working with a team of HEI data analysts looking into Taught Postgraduate courses as part of Analytics Labs, a fabulous programme from Jisc and HESA that our company is supporting. As usual I’ve been sourcing data and reshaping it for analysis using Alteryx.

Working with another team of HEI data analysts from around the UK looking at apprenticeships, and also estates data. Once again I get to play with the Working Futures datasets! Plus I get to use the estates returns for the first time, possibly to connect up with some open LA planning datasets.

Talking with University of Edinburgh about providing subject matter expertise on FOSS for a new MOOC they’re running.

Talking with researchers at the University of Manchester on making some interesting health data analytics software they’ve developed into a sustainable open source project, under the OSS Watch mantle.

Tinkering with machine learning using Weka.

Working with Manchester Metropolitan University on planning the student systems integration for their major change programme

Developing an improved attribute handling process for HtmlCleaner with input from community members.

Playing with Mastodon (the microblogging platform, not the band.)

Watching The Killing. OK, everyone else has seen it, but we only just got Netflix in our house.

Learning German. (Zufolge nach Duolingo, ich kenne 45%! Ja, wirklich…)

Growing tomatoes, chillies, and peppers in the greenhouse. Potatoes, garlic, shallots and peas are doing nicely in containers.

Wow, I’ve been busier than I thought. Maybe I’ll keep doing this.

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One Response to Weekly Update Apr 24-28

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    Really glad that your doing this, Scott – I look forward to reading your updates 🙂

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