Open Source Junction 4: Open Source Hardware meets Open Source Software

(reblogged from the OSS Watch blog)

OSS Watch is delighted to announce a new event in the Open Source Junction series aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange between industry and academic innovation. Open Source Junction brings together the best business and academic minds to explore how the two sectors can jointly innovate, develop and exploit open source software in conjunction with open source hardware.

Open Source Junction 4 is taking place on 14th-15th March at Trinity College, Oxford and focuses on open source hardware.

Open Source Hardware (OSH), like Open Source Software (OSS), is an open approach to technology where the information needed to create hardware artefacts – such as schematics, drawings and bill of materials – is distributed, allowing others to produce artefacts, and to modify and improve on the design. Open Source Hardware has a wide range of applications, including medical appliances, lab equipment, surveillance drones, and toys.

If you’re involved in an Open Source Hardware project, a project that uses Open Source Software in conjunction with hardware, or just enjoy cool hardware hacks, we’d like to see you at Open Source Junction.

We’re keen to exploit the tangible nature of Open Source Hardware at the event by encouraging attendees who are part of a hardware project, whether Open Source Hardware in the strictest sense or an innovative use of commodity hardware in conjunction with Open Source Software, to give a short presentation or demo.  If you’re interested in doing this, please give details on the registration form.

You can read full details of the event and sign up at EventBrite.

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