SPAWS: Impact

The SPAWS project – or rather, the funded part – is coming to an end so its time to wrap up the project details.

In terms of impact, what have we achieved?

1. We answered the question we set: “is the LearningRegistry Node infrastructure suitable for sharing paradata between app stores?”. (tl;dr: yes).

2. We created a software library for it

3. We embedded the library into Edukapp, which means stores operated using it can switch on SPAWS and start syndicating paradata. As JISC, SURFNet and ITEC roll out their Edukapp-based stores between now and Q3 2013, we will start to see some real practical sharing benefits

4. We demonstrated it actually works.

5. We developed paradata recipes that have general applicability

6. We made upstream contributions to improve the LRJavaLib library used with the Learning Registry, and got it listed in Maven Central making it much easier to include in other projects.

7. We contributed to the evolution of the LR itself, in particular how it will handle duplicate/outdated records using TTL in future, enabling better scaling of this kind of paradata handling

Future impact now rests on the success of the stores using SPAWS.



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