SPAWS meets Edukapp

After a bit of a delay (the JLERN server was having some issues) I’ve finally been able to include my user-generated info sharing library SPAWS in the white-label web app store  project Edukapp.

As a first stage, each user-submitted review published on Edukapp is published via SPAWS to a Learning Registry node – by default,  to JLERN, the experimental node hosted at MIMAS.

Also, when browsing app profiles in Edukapp, as well as “local” reviews, you get to see reviews for the same app published elsewhere.

Its still all very experimental, but I’ve committed  the initial code to Edukapp.

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2 Responses to SPAWS meets Edukapp

  1. Great to hear you’ve got this working! How easy was it to do this once the JLeRN server issues were resolved?

    • scottbw says:

      Not too bad – the main thing is the normalization of results, so sorting and filtering, but once thats done the actual JSON is quite easy to process

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