SPAWS in a nutshell

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The 140 Character Question: Can different web app stores share usage data such as reviews, ratings, and stats on how often an app has been downloaded or embedded?

Thats the question being investigated by the SPAWS project.

To answer it we are building on the Learning Registry and Activity Streams to connect together several web app stores that are aimed at sharing web widgets and gadgets for educators. So, each time a user visits a store and writes a review about a particular widget/gadget, or rates it, or embeds it, that information can potentially be syndicated to other stores in the network.

The initial stores taking part in the project are ones developed by the Edukapp, ROLE and ITEC projects; potentially other stores will be involved too. The reason that these projects are interested in this idea is that the number of useful educational web apps is quite limited, and so its quite likely that each store will hold many of the same widgets as the others. Therefore, sharing comments and ratings and so on makes sense, as these add value for users, and are potentially lost by having multiple stores serving relatively small niches.

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4 Responses to SPAWS in a nutshell

  1. lornamcampbell says:

    Hi Scott, I’ll be interested to see how much use you’re able to make of Learning Registry developments or whether you end up using the basic Activity Streams format.

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