Revolutionary messaging technology will challenge FB, Twitter, IM

I’ve been having a go recently with a really cool communication technology – just check out some of these features:

  • It works on all kinds of devices and across all networks
  • You can search, read and respond to messages even when you’re offline
  • Works with intelligent filtering services
  • You can send and receive messages with anyone on any network, not just the same service provider you use
  • The server code is open source so you can run your own
  • Completely distributed architecture with no central server or hub node
  • Uses open standards for pretty much everything
  • Clients for all platforms including mobile, even TV – and anyone can make their own client as the API isn’t proprietary
  • You can send messages of any length, including rich text, images, links and documents
  • You can create “lists” of people to message together as a group, again even if they don’t use the same server or service provider as you
  • You can embed links in your web pages that automatically launch the user’s client with a new message to you (a bit like Web Intents)
  • You can publish archives of messages on your own website
  • You can save your messages on your own computer, back them up on a usb stick, or store them in the cloud – its up to you
  • It doesn’t matter if the company that invented it goes bust or gets bored with it and stops developing it, as there are lots of alternatives and pretty much every tech company is backing it.

I think this is a really cool technology, and I encourage you to take a look at it. Find out more here!

However, not everyone is convinced yet and think that we should stick with proprietary messaging silos tied to one service provider such as Facebook and Twitter, despite the obvious risk of these services being discontinued, monetized, tracking your communications for nefarious purposes, and spamming you with advertising at any opportunity.


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8 Responses to Revolutionary messaging technology will challenge FB, Twitter, IM

  1. Do you really think it could catch on?

  2. It’ll never work. No one would use it.

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