Bashing Widgets in Bolton

I had a great time this week at the CETIS Widget Bash organised by Sheila and Li. You can read lots more about it on Sheila’s blog.

The wookie-dev mailing list went fairly ballistic during the event with tracker reports, commits and all kinds of things happening.

Personally, I ended up forking a HTML5 Pac Man game on GitHub and turning it into a W3C Widget. I also committed my progressive enhancement experiments into the Wookie scratchpad area along with the various admin widgets I’ve created lately.

Kudos to the MMU team for their very nice geo-location widget for finding the nearest free lab PC, and for the Strathclyde team on some very nice enhancements to the Moodle Plugin for Wookie. And a special mention to Sam Rowley for submitting a patch!

We ended with a call to action from Ross Gardler for people to get actively involved in open source and in particular with Apache Wookie (incubating).

It was a really good event, thanks to Sheila and Li for organising it!

Next week I’ll be at Open Source Junction doing more mobile web apps and Wookie stuff, which also promises to be a great event. See you there…

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